sábado, 30 de maio de 2009

terráqueos versus alliens

I was flipping the channels looking for background noise for my homework-doing (what a nice girl i am) and bumped into The Fastastic Four II. I have no idea why I kept watching it, I hated the first one. But Jessica Alba always looks so cute, and the alternative was Teenagers... IV? Something like that.

Anyways, after the former bad guy decides to go for a uniform that´s a mix between Darth Vader and those secret society robes I should have guessed it wasn´t going to get any better. However, it´s not just a matter of bad cliches like “everyone´s gotta a choice” or “why can´t we be a normal family?”, it´s a matter of consistency. How freaking selfish is making an allien give away his world and his allien-lover and his life so that we´d stay alive? They just traded sacrifices! Wouldn´t it be muuuch nicer and original if the Fantastic Four would give up their lives so the allien could happily live?

But nooo, effe the allien and his little lover, humans are so much more important – specially considering all our care regarding the big blue planet.

haha. MariMoon falando mal do cabelo “esquisito” da Rihanna. E das roupas.

Talk about consistency

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  1. We, my friend, have a problem. Apparently, you give portuguese titles to english posts. I give english titles to portuguese posts. What's up with that?!

    Now, MariMoon is, well, MariMoon. But Rihanna is just TOO weird. Talk about having double-personalities, woman!

    And I remember nothing from Fantastic4 II, never liked them, never actually paied attention. But alliens are always the bad guys, you know.. Poor me. :/