quarta-feira, 28 de julho de 2010

Damn electronical equipment

Long ago I was told it was not good to hate things, since they´d gain more importance than you´d want them to. Also something about this old fella who said he loved life and life loved him back. But man, do I hate electronical apparel.
Apart from being jet lagged and with a newly discovered love for eggs and good food in general, I had been living in a pretty nice shade of coolness and easiness these past few days. And then I remembered it would be good to transfer my photos to my computer. It´s okay. I love my never-let-me-down HP. But it had to be recharged. And the recharger is a three pin nightmare. And my adapter was nowhere to be found after the unautorized clean up someone did in my room. So I had to dig up some wires from the back of my desk and fish out an adapter. Mood levels getting to annoyance.
Then I had to find my celphone cable; not to worry, it was one of the few things I actually paid attention while packing. Carefully transfered the files minding the wanting-to-freeze windows. Safely Remove Hardware. Error: Hardware still in use. Huh. We can do it the hard way or the easy way. Safely Remove Hardware. Error: Hardware still in use. Hard way it is. Just plug the damn thing off fingers crossed.
Next: camera card. It´s a micro sd card, so I´ve got to find the adapter. More jungling things around in my now back to normal desk. Hooray. Plug it. Copy it. Safely remove it. Done. Throw all wires and plugs and adapters in to the Mess Box.

Ugh. I need coffee.

domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Whenever someone says "We've reinvented whatever", I cringe. Especially if originally it was a good thing. But I had heard they'd put some comedy to make it a less grave character, and it is a Jude Law movie after all - not like I was going to resist not seeing it.
So as to be prepared of some sort, I had rewatched that Chris Columbus young Sherlock Holmes movie (the cute one that looks like a 1999 Harry Potter movie). In that movie, they end up in a cript or whatever that was, trying to prevent the damsel's sacrifice, and pretty much all the killings were in the form of a drug that made people hallucinate and thus kill themselves. Everything was very dark, the streets were smokey, the whole deal.
Guess what the new Sherlock Holmes had in mind first scene? Beat up the guard and rescue the damsel. Assisted by dear Mr Watson, of course. Where were they? Some sort of cult hq in which a dark hooded creature was hypnotising the damsel as if to make her put a dagger across her chest. Ring any bells?
It's a magic versus science mystery, but nonetheless entertaining, especially when you put in to account the delightful performance of... something something Jr, the fella who played SH. Plus, you've got Rachel McAdams, playing The powerful woman, and quite amusing damsel as well. There is comedy, excentric behavior, an unmistakable House-ish mood, a great deal of fighting and destroying, ... - overall, a very entertaining picture, though not quite Sherlock-ish.
Maybe I ought to see one of the real ones some time.

(The "Christmas Day" thing doesn't remind you of The Holiday, just a bit? Freaky poster for such a non-dark movie.)