domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

My Sister's Keeper, schools, and the lack of light breezy things on tv

So I'm reading this book C lent me, My Sister's Keeper, which is about a dying leukemia girl who's dragging her customized little sister down a not so much better path (C's written about it), and it's actually surprisingly well written, what with all the shifting perspectives and parallel plotting (just as you're sick and tired of feeling guilty about hating the mother, she inserts another story and it's probably going to be tragic and awful as well, but it's a relief from the Kate-Sara-Anna business). But it is depressive. It is meant to be depressing.
Which made me turn on the television, in the hopes of watching something nice and breezy that will make me think of something lighter than dying little girls. And right on AXN there's this weird High School set movie, with a girl that looks just like a thinner version of that Twilight girl, so I think, okay, I've found my movie, right? And start thinking about how my school is so different from the one in the movie. Sure, it's an American school, but schools should look like a school no matter what country they are set in, right? So why does my school feels so non-school like? Blargh. Maybe I have watched way too many American high school movies to have an unbiased opinion. Whatever, as I was wondering about that, the girl was on the photography lab or something (which is another thing Brazilian schools lack) and this guy walks in and starts attacking her and saying she was a liar for saying he had raped her. And that gets me thinking this isn't the nice and breezy movie I was in need of. But I keep on watching, because I want her to hit him or something. And she does, she throws acid on his eyes and defends herself with scissors or something (the girl knows how to fend for herself). Then there are two scenes and it's over. Just like that. Nothing like a light half-hour to take the edge off on a Sunday afternoon.
Now I'm shocked and trying to avoid any rape or cancer stories for a moment or two.

I IMDBed it. It was the Twilight girl (she still does the mouth thing). It's called Speak. And it's probably pretty great they made a movie about girls needing to speak up about rape, but again, not what I was hoping for.

All things nice,

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  1. I always tend to do that. I look for something light and easy to watch and something seemingly happy-pop-light-ish appears and suddenly.. ta-daaah, not that happy-pop-light-ish anymore! And then I just keep on watching.

    by the way, I will always think Kristen Stewart has some sort of mental problem. Some of her roles were really well done but still, she acts so weeeeeeeeeeeiiiird...