sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2009

Prom Night´s From Hell

Nice little raining-day reading. Not scary at all, on contrary to what the back cover says.

“The Exterminator´s Daughter” by Meg Cabot
The never disappointing story of yet another cute girl and boy with a weird plot as background. MC is great because she´s never mean: you can enjoy all paragraphs without worrying if she´s going to kill some beloved cute character. [Yeah, I care when people designed to be cute die. Even if it is fictional. Shame on you, L.M.] Anyway, vampires and holly water and amazing brown eyes to go in some 50 pages.

“The Corsage” by Lauren Myracle
The cutest little characters, pretty caricaturized, but lovely nonetheless. She´s brutal, though. And I... didn´t quite follow the reason behind the final paragraphs – I kept on thinking “open the freaking door, for heaven´s sake!”, but maybe that´s got something to do with me watching enough CSIs and this being a 1902 story. The shortest and most wtf? story on the book.

“Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper” by Kim Harrison
It´s weird. It´s sad. It´s a bit Bella-ish. But it´s nice. One of those “No matter what...” stories mixed up with “Don´t get in to strangers´ cars”, you just can´t say what it is about or you´ll think it´s boring and won´t read it. So just read it. It´s 60 pages long – you cannot say you don´t have the time.

“Kiss and Tell” by Michele Jaffe
It was the last one I read because I was so anxious about S.M., but it is the one I liked the most on this book. And curiously enough, the one that most suits the book´s description: paranormal stuff. Though I caught myself thinking why, oh why, isn´t this written in first person?, I liked this Jaffe woman. She doesn´t explain most of the stuff, just suggests it, which makes it unbelievably better. And all the women are amazing – not cute, not nice, amazing. Makes you want to be a little more like Sibby and Kenzi and Miranda. Plus, she writes nicely, here´s a little teaser:
Thinking, not for the first time, that life should come with a trapdoor. Just a little exit hatch you could disappear through when you´d utterly and completely mortified yourself. Or when you had spontaneous zit eruptions.

“Good book?” he asked, taking it from her and reading the subtitle, “A Guide for Good Girls Who (Sometimes) Want to Be Bad,” out loud.

But life did not come with a trapdoor.
“Hell on Earth” Stephenie Meyer
It is surprisingly not very-Twilight-Host alike. It actually has quite a nice view on the whole Good X Bad thing. It´s nice and fun to read. Envolves demons and angels, vicious and good people. Prom, really. Freaky ending, but it´s worth it.

I now realise I can´t really talk about the plot of a 50-page long story, which makes commenting on it kinda pointless, but trust me, it´s nice.

“I´m trying to keep it to one heist a month,” she said, hoping for a light, ha-ha-ha-I´m-just-kidding-foxy-is-as-foxy-does tone.


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  1. I'm kinda freaked.
    Thinking I will not like the Kim Harrison one. I get mad with Bella-ish characters. So annoying.
    Will read one day..