quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2009


I admit, I´m lazy. Lately I have been worse than lazy, and for those of you whose book have been in my possession for longer than judged necessary, I´m sorry. If it´s any consolation I do feel guilty as hell, and if you know me you´ll know what guilt does to me.
But not only have I been lazy, I´ve also been DELUSIONAL. I´ve got, literally, a pile of books to read - some were lent, some are for school, some are books that I thought I was finally keen on reading (read: out of mum´s shelf) - and yet I went to the bookstore, just to take a look while waiting for Grandma to show up, and I couldn´t help myself. I found another book. Actually three other books, but since I´m on quite low budget, only one is now quietly resting on my nightstand, along with its fellow siblings.

My apologies, I´m sure you´re all great stories.

2 comentários:

  1. relax about the books that no one is going to keep "give me back the book!".At least i won't.Read with calm and when you have time.No need to hurry.

  2. that cartoon explains so so much about my hatred towards triangles! well, no it doesn't, but it gives an actual good idea about part of it.