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You Suck – A Love Story " by Christopher Moore

I got this absurdly expensive and a bit worn-out novel the other day, attracted by the big red letters and cute fangs, thinking it would be a nice break from all the dramas I´ve been reading and still be about vampires.

The story revolves around Tommy and Jody. Jody has been a vampire for a few months and turned her boyfriend Tommy, who did not like the surprise. They now have to survive life in San Francisco living in the dark night and dropping dead during the day, and still getting their Christmas´ presents, cleaning their loft and doing all normal stuff people usually do in less than half the time – with the minor change on their diet and having to run away from an old creepy vampire and the cops who are after him.

It is what it promised to be: funny, a bit creepy, and lovely. Felt a little bit like reading Douglas Adams, everything seems real even if it´s totally absurd – and I´m not referring to the supernatural side. Apart from the vampire story and the surprising enlightment on the female psyche, the book tells the story of the Animals and the Emperor, the first being either a representation of a reality I´ve been fiercely protected from by parents and teachers or an utter exaggeration by a very skeptical author. Speaking of skepticism, let´s get to the female psyche again: he tells Jody´s story, how she feels so relieved now that she´s the predator and she doesn´t have to worry about the dark shadow in the corner or being alone in a random alley; he tells the story of Blue, a blue hooker who was probably the first woman I ever considered a real bitch; in a drama-less, dark-humor manner he tells Abby/Allison´s story, and how she suppresses all perkiness or excitement and forces depression in its place simply because she wants to look different; he even mentions briefly the life of Jody´s mom, a woman who would like to live in perfection even though her husband left her and her daughter didn´t go to Stanford. If you couldn´t care less about vampires or love stories, you should at least take a look in Chris Moore´s descriptions of his characters.

Even if I was not at all pleased with the ending - I should have seen it coming –, a nice light reading with a bit of love and money and eye liner and blood with all the gory details. Looking forward to A Dirty Job.

January 12th, 2009

Oh! I´ve just found out that You Suck – A Love Story is a continuing for Bloodsucking Fiends, so I´ll get more Jody stories! Unfortunately, all very very expensive if ever found in Brazilian bookstores. But oh well.
If you´re interested, the sequence is: Bloodsucking Fiends, You Suck, A Dirty Job – but I´ve been told reading in order is not really necessary.

January 17th, 2009

(4 stars)

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