quinta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2009

Happy 2010, So Long 2009

(whatever it is that means)
So far, so good. I´ve started to write about five posts since the Holidays started, all incomplete ill-written paragraphs. I´m bored but not as bored as usual. Read a couple of books, couple of blogs, seen a dozen movies, got back to The Mentalist, went to the movies enough times to watch everything, bought a CD, ate way too much cheese and tomatos, printed some wanna-play sheets, said the Merry Christmas, and now I´m eating homemade pizza and avoiding housework.
But here´s what I really wanted to share and was too bored to log in to Twitter: John Mayer´s New Year´s Eve Concert. In case you are also too bored to click, JM proposed to go in to 2010 looking 1970ish, meaning suits, dresses, gloves and hats. And come on, that´s so coool! It should be huge, which would make it even better... jealous, jealous, jealous.
Probably spending New Year´s in my pajamas. Again.
Traditions are traditions afterall.

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