segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2009

Just popped on my head and i´m too bored to explore the subject

My Sister´s Keeper **
Okay. Out of 10, it´s a 4. Out of 5, it´s a 2. And it´s not only because it´s a truly horrific adaptation (sex? honestly? on the cutest, sweetest cancer-love-dying-kid story? NOT cool), but because it also feels weird. Like it´s staged. Like it´s not real (which I know sounds like a weird comment on a fictional work, but the things that look most real are fake - hello, we are studying Fernando Pessoa). Kinda like Twilight. Only worse. ´Cause in this one there are actual scenes with ONE freaking sentence and the devastated look from Cameron Diaz. And things just felt... artifitial. C.D. didn´t feel SO fake, just more hate-able than the book one. And she always had the nice dying girl to make it up. Still... it looks like they thought it was an easy story - who doesn´t like moving cancer stories with little death-conscious girls?
Blargh. Sorry. Very disappointing.
I miss Julia.

Becky Bloom
I just finished reading the first volume (which cost me a productive weekend studying History, so I´m catching up now, thanks very much, Br), and it was so damn weird. I had a Bridget Jones, delusionally funny image of Becky Bloom, which sort of came out of the - very cute - movie. And she is sort of Bridget-y. Only it´s also terribly sad. Because as you read you feel her lack of control, her desperation, she must get that, so that she can feel a tiny bit better about herself. That scene on Octagon-? got me weeping. Probably just as much as the - real - ending to My Sister´s Keeper. The thing is, everyone feels bad for the cancer girl, everyone should. But people like Becky Bloom, who also deserve a great deal of compassion or... I don´t know, something, don´t get it. They´re just crazy people with credit cards.
The ending got me all messed up - she´s still a goddamn shopaholic! (But I guess that´s more believable than the movie magical version.) And she´s British! I love that she´s British.
Bitting off fingernails so I don´t read the other one tonight. Must. Learn. About. Crazy. Portuguese. Fellas. Who. Ran. Off. To. Brazil.
Maybe I should read 1808. You know, since things like THE DANISH MASSACRE by England´s navy months before they escorted D João to Brazil and that MAY have had some sort of influence are COMPLETELY neglected. Oh, effe it. 1808 it is.

why does 'vampire diaries' feel so goddamn twilight-y?

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